We know the thought of not wearing a bra is scary!

Where is your support? Protection? Comfort?

We know feeling confident is the most important factor when choosing a 10/10 outfit for the perfect occasion,

so we have found it necessary to bring you the perfect bra and lingerie solutions.

  • Clear Bra Straps

    £4.00 Inc. VAT
    Adjustable, Detachable Clear Bra Straps An absolute must have! Every girl needs clear bra straps. Simply attach these reusable straps to any strapless bra to give an almost invisible look to any revealing outfit. These straps are intetrchangeable with any strapless and multiway bras.
  • Low Back Bra Convertor

    £4.50 Inc. VAT

    Low Down Back Bra Converter

    It's a no no when you show those straps under a low back garment that really shouldn't be there! This fabulous low back bra solution is designed to pull down you bra straps so they are no longer visible. It simply attaches to your own bra, crosses over behind and then fastens around your waist creating the effect of a backless bra. The alter back will attach to any bra and is fully adjustable.
  • Racer Back Clip - Pack of 4  We all know the struggle, when you buy that perfect top that looks perfect without the straps of a bra but you know you need the support of a bra! What do you do? This fantastic little gadget creates the perfect solution, pulling and shaping your straps together transforming your normal bra into a the perfect racer back bra.
  • Deep Plunge Xtra Light Silicone Enhancer "Xtra Light" Silicone Enhancers filled with a new innovative lightweight silicone. Boost your confidence in seconds and wear these luxury breast enhancers. Place in the lower section of your bra, underneath the breast, to give volume and cleavage with a super soft satin feel against your skin.
  • Silicone Nipple Covers

    £6.00 Inc. VAT
    Silicone Nipple Covers We love Rachel from friends and we are in envy of her body confidence, but sometimes we don't want to welcome protrusions with open arms. These silicone nipple covers are perfect for creating a smooth appearance. These covers are to be worn over the nipple area to prevent pronounced nipples showing through tight tees, sheer fashions or any revealing outfit! Also ideal for use when playing sports to prevent any discomfort and of course, a great idea for topless sunbathing!
  • Silicone Mini Shapers Push up Inserts Every now an then, everybody needs a little push in the cleavage area. Whether it's to fill a gap in a bra or to just give more comfort in a certain outfit, these mini shapers are perfect to give that little push you need. Get yourself a perfect but subtle cleavage with this perfect pair of Silicone Shapers Push Up Inserts.
  • Lightweight Lift Ups

    £19.49 Inc. VAT
    Lightweight Lift Ups This is an excellent alternative to a backless bra. Whilst perfect for those backless outfits, it is the best option to give a rounder, fuller shape when wearing a plunge neck garment! This is a great lingerie solution for those with smaller breasts looking for extra volume. Feel confident and comfortable in your favourite outfit knowing you have our Lift Ups giving you all the support you need. The silicone cups adhere to the top of the bust, lifting them up and transforming into beautifully rounded breasts.
  • Secret Lace Backless Bra - Pack of 5 Our Secret Lace Bra is designed to lift and create a perky illusion by offering support under the breast without wearing a bra. Therefore, perfect to use with backless and strapless fashions - invisible under the thinnest of clothing. The lift and support like this does not come easily so each pair is only to be worn once.
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    Staykups Adhesive Cups

    £17.49 Inc. VAT
    Staykups Adhesive Cups Original and still the best. Confidently wear backless and strapless fashions with this self adhesive support cup. These natural feeling cups are easily removed and using the liquid re-newer can be used time and again. They gently adhere to your skin whilst supporting you securely and comfortably.  
  • Bikini Booster Pads

    £6.49 Inc. VAT
    Bikini Booster Pads Make sure you grab a pair of these before you jet off on your jollies! These might be lightweight and 100% discreet but they give you the best, natural looking boost - and they don't half boost your confidence too.  
  • Lingerie Dress Tape - Gravitape Tin (40pcs) (Strips are a length of 8.25cm - meaning if halved you have the possibility of 80 strips!) Avoid any wardrobe malfunctions with this handy little tin of lingerie tape. The easiest way to discreetly and neatly, keep your clothes in place! Perfect to carry around in your bags in case of an emergency - even your smallest clutch! The tape has been tested and can last up to 24 hours use and is gentle on your skin and clothes. Fully medically approved and hypoallergenic, should irritation occur then remove and discontinue use immediately.
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    Black Elastic Flower

    Original price was: £9.99.Current price is: £6.99. Inc. VAT
    Black Elastic Diamante Flower
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    Dark Silver With Lilac Stone

    Original price was: £24.99.Current price is: £14.99. Inc. VAT
    Dark Silver With Lilac Stone & Diamante
  • Pink Glitter Bra Strap

    £4.99 Inc. VAT
    Pink Glitter Bra Strap
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    Silver Bra & Diamante

    Original price was: £17.99.Current price is: £10.99. Inc. VAT
    Silver Bra & Diamante
  • Turquoise Glitter Bra Strap
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