• Stick on Silk Bra

    Stick on Silk Bra

    £19.99 Inc. VAT
    Stick on Silk Bra The Stick on Silk Bra is a non-padded backless bra. Perfect to wear with any strapless, backless or revealing dress. This particular bra gives the effect of a more rounded, fuller desired look without any restricting bra straps in the way. The front fastening clips together to give a boost to your cleavage with no extra padding.
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    Multiway Bra

    Multiway Bra

    £19.99 Inc. VAT
    Genius Multiway Bra This multiway bra is the perfect solution for those red carpet fashions - or any night out in fact! This bra can be worn in an endless amount of way to create a completely invisible look under your outfit. Hide those straps with this GENIUS solution! Use your imagination to create the perfect bra.
  • Backless Adhesive Bra Backless Adhesive Bra

    Backless Adhesive Bra

    £23.99 Inc. VAT
    Backless Adhesive Bra with Wings A sensational Backless Adhesive Bra perfect for all backless and strapless fashions. Not only does this bra have wings for extra support, but extra padding to provide a boost to your cleavage. The wings and inner base of the bra are coated with self adhesive glue that adheres to the body and can be worn over and over again!
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    Adhesive Cups

    Staykups Adhesive Cups

    £17.49 Inc. VAT
    Staykups Adhesive Cups Original and still the best. Confidently wear backless and strapless fashions with this self adhesive support cup. These natural feeling cups are easily removed and using the liquid re-newer can be used time and again. They gently adhere to your skin whilst supporting you securely and comfortably.  
  • Secret Lace Backless Bra
    Secret Lace Backless Bra - Pack of 5 Our Secret Lace Bra is designed to lift and create a perky illusion by offering support under the breast without wearing a bra. Therefore, perfect to use with backless and strapless fashions - invisible under the thinnest of clothing. The lift and support like this does not come easily so each pair is only to be worn once.
  • lift ups

    Lightweight Lift Ups

    £19.49 Inc. VAT
    Lightweight Lift Ups This is an excellent alternative to a backless bra. Whilst perfect for those backless outfits, it is the best option to give a rounder, fuller shape when wearing a plunge neck garment! This is a great lingerie solution for those with smaller breasts looking for extra volume. Feel confident and comfortable in your favourite outfit knowing you have our Lift Ups giving you all the support you need. The silicone cups adhere to the top of the bust, lifting them up and transforming into beautifully rounded breasts.
  • Silicone Nipple Covers

    Silicone Nipple Covers

    £6.00 Inc. VAT
    Silicone Nipple Covers We love Rachel from friends and we are in envy of her body confidence, but sometimes we don't want to welcome protrusions with open arms. These silicone nipple covers are perfect for creating a smooth appearance. These covers are to be worn over the nipple area to prevent pronounced nipples showing through tight tees, sheer fashions or any revealing outfit! Also ideal for use when playing sports to prevent any discomfort and of course, a great idea for topless sunbathing!

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